Trying to stretch your cash? We can help. This page features our best real-deal budgeting advice, with tips, tricks, and life hacks to help you live large on a small budget.

Here at Common, we’re no stranger to savvy budgeting. With our beautiful coliving homes, you get an affordable private room in the most vibrant, fast-growing neighborhoods across the country (think New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle). In other words, we’re already make city living more cost-effective for thousands of Common members - these budgeting tips are just icing on the cake. Check back often to see our latest stories on smart money management, and browse the Common blog for must-reads on all things city living.

Apartment Searching

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The Unexpected (and Surprisingly High) Costs of Living Alone

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Budget swaps that will make your life in the city more enjoyable

Saving money and getting into the habit of smart spending doesn’t have to be hard. Keep reading to learn about some day-to-day budget swaps you can make.