TV vs. coliving: Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! At Common, we’re thankful for our suitemates, friends, families, and Thanksgiving food. We’re also thankful that Friendsgiving can be so much more fun with coliving. Yet another reason why coliving is better than TV.

TV vs. Coliving: The Food

TV: It can be extremely stressful to host a Thanksgiving dinner. You have to prepare the whole meal, from the turkey and stuffing to the cranberry sauce. Not only that, but you also have to worry about your guests getting along and entertaining them all night. It’s a lot to keep on top of.


Coliving: Having suitemates allows you to host an even bigger and better Thanksgiving meal. You can invite more friends, have a bigger meal to indulge in, and use cool spaces like the rooftop deck or community lounge. If guests arrive early, then they can play giant Scrabble on the wall or watch something on the smart TV. All the while, the built-in Sonos will play holiday music to spread the cheer.

TV vs. Coliving: Guests

TV: Inviting guests for Thanksgiving can get awkward. Do you invite your neighbor? Do you invite your boss? It’s a fine line to navigate. Plus, you have to think about the types of conversations people are going to have at the dinner table — Yikes!


Coliving: Friendsgiving with suitemates makes everything easier. Since you get along with your suitemate, you’ll most likely get along with the rest of their friends and acquaintances. It’s also a great chance meet new people and create a network in the big city

TV vs. Coliving: The Aftermath

TV: Most Thanksgivings will end with you, the host, cleaning up the aftermath and dealing with dishes of leftovers for weeks. Other people probably got too full from all the food and desserts and went home with a food coma.


Coliving: Cleaning up will be so much easier with coliving. You and your suitemates can split up the work: taking out the trash, washing the dishes, wiping down the table. Even when the party’s over, you won’t feel lonely tidying up the place. And who doesn’t want leftovers for Suitemates-giving dinners for the next few days!

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