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Happy holidays! Within the last few months, Common has been blessed with so much that we decided to take this time to be thankful for our achievements and get excited about our future. Here is a round-up of our recent press.

Press about our people

Dwell featured Jenn Chang, Common’s Director of Architecture, and her beautiful apartment in SoHo, Manhattan. After having purchased the 1,038-square-foot apartment in 2014, Jenn and her two friends from Columbia’s graduate school — Charlie Able and Andy McGee — redesigned the space into “an efficient yet beautiful home with a fresh and welcoming personality.”

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Press about our homes

In October, we announced Common Addams, the largest coliving home in Chicago with 223 beds. “This home will triple the number of Common members in Chicago, providing a stress-free, all-inclusive living environment to even more urban dwellers who crave our signature community and convenience,” said Sandy Albert, Senior Director of Real Estate.

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We recently announced our very first coliving home in Manhattan. Common Clinton, located in Hells Kitchen, is also our greenest project yet. With a custom solar canopy, motion sensor lights, and smart thermostats, the 32-bed home is expected to open sometime in 2019.

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Press about Common

Common’s San Francisco Civic Center project with The Kelsey was listed as a finalist in “Reinventing Cities,” an ‘open source’ and international contest designed to accelerate decarbonised, resilient, and sustainable urban environments around the world.

Pitchbook also noted Common as one of the leading companies in designing, managing, and operating coworking and coliving spaces as well as fostering connected living through community-centric environments.

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Thank you to everyone who made these projects and press articles possible. 2018 was a fantastic year, and we’re excited for what lies ahead in 2019 and onward. Learn more about our expanding homes here. And check out our Facebook page and Twitter for up-to-date information about our homes, members, and cities.

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