Why people thrive in coworking spaces


Recently, more companies have started to model their office spaces to look more like those of coworking spaces as these modern office structures yield higher productivity and rates of satisfaction.

Different types of professionals — from freelancers and digital nomads to entrepreneurs and business people — have confirmed that coworking spaces increase productivity, creativity, and collaboration, as compared to traditional offices. Once you get rid of the harsh lighting, tight cubicles, and constant scrutiny of traditional layouts, people feel more comfortable and motivated.

Some people consider working from home too comfortable, and others find coffee shops too distracting. Coworking provides the perfect balance — a thoughtful, well-designed space for like-minded professionals to work independently or collaborate.But for what exact reasons do people thrive in coworking spaces?

A flexible environment

Everybody has their own personal style of working, so placing workers into one strict office environment is counterproductive. Coworking spaces give people the freedom to determine their own working styles — when, where, how — and do so on their own terms.

Just having that flexibility to choose when to leave and when to interact with others boosts a sense of identity, pride in work, and productivity. Especially because this freedom relates to work-life balance, workers seem to feel happier and even more creative at work.

This autonomy paradoxically works in conjunction with the discipline that coworking spaces induce. Having a designated space for working creates a loose structure where coworkers are bound to a routine and can motivate each other.

Lack of stressors in the space

Another aspect of coworking spaces that induces productive work is the fact that these offices accommodate all types of professionals. Coworking spaces conveniently consider all the needs of a modern professional, from high-speed internet to comfortable chairs, so that you don’t need to. Because of this convenience and comfort, workers are able to focus more on their projects and not get distracted.

Most coworking spaces offer separate conference rooms, private nooks, kitchens, and areas. This gives people the constant choice to work independently and collaborate at will. The lack of forced interaction promotes more genuine conversations and meaningful collaboration. Because coworkers know of the potential for interaction when needed or desired, they appreciate it more when it does occur.

Sense of community

Coworking spaces also naturally promote networking and offer a sense of community. You can find tons of different professions working from one coworking office: potential clients, a talented freelancer, business partners. You would think that these differences cause isolation and distance coworker from coworker. However, due to this variety of areas of expertise, not only do you feel more pride in your work identity, but you can even offer your unique skills to another community member.

Because so many different, non-competitive professionals share the space, no one is trying to impress the boss or compare accomplishments. This results in a more relaxed environment where people share ideas and support one another that leads to collective productivity and a close network of supportive individuals. Coworking makes networking, collaborating, and community identity building (both as an individual and a community) easier.

Coworking + Common

Simply put, people thrive in coworking spaces because of the flexibility, stress-free environment, and sense of community. Here at Common, we recognize the importance of these three elements and the benefits of a coworking space. In fact, we have several members who work remotely from our homes across major US cities as we provide coworking lounges and other community spaces for such collaboration and professional freedoms.

Not only that, but these three factors are also apparent in our coliving homes. Our beautiful, fully furnished homes offer flexible leases, stress-free move-ins, and an organic sense of community. They’re designed for convenience and productivity as you go about your city life, just as coworking spaces are.

Take a free tour of our homes today.

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