Meet the Common Team: Brittany Schmelz


Brittany Schmelz is Common’s Director of Real Estate, Investments + Investor Relations, working on the Real Estate team. Keep reading to learn more about her experience, and head to to learn more about our company, our values, and how you can join our team.Brittany Schmelz Director of Real Estate

Why did you choose to work at Common?

I was compelled by Common’s thoughtful business practice, a track record of execution and, importantly, the fundamental thesis of the business. I was also impressed by the people and felt an alignment with the company’s values. Further, I appreciate Common’s approach to real estate, which I view as strategic and innovative – governed by prudence, measured growth and stewardship of the built environments and social communities which it creates, curates and manages.

How would you describe your overall ‘interview/onboarding’ experience?

Something I really appreciated about my interview process was the feeling that I was welcomed to the process by the team and was ultimately invited to contribute to a discourse around my candidacy, my interest in the role and my ability to approach it successfully/execute in the ways that would be necessary. The entire process was very cordial and professional, and I felt the discussion throughout was always very transparent, personal, candid and at times academic. I’ve found this to be consistent with the working environment here, and it’s great.I found the onboarding experience to be comprehensive and welcoming. Importantly, I came out of it feeling engaged with my colleagues and empowered to do my job, with a firm understanding of the resources available to me and how they could be accessed or leveraged.

What was your favorite thing about your first week at Common?

There are some nuances to my role which were not fully disclosed to me until I officially started working at Common – this made my first week really exciting and almost constantly engaging.I really enjoyed touring one of our homes, Marcy, and I felt seeing a home in person provided a helpful amount of context and really grounded my understanding of the business.

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