Common is Helping Public Health Professionals with Temporary Housing in NYC


Over the past several weeks, New York City has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis, and hundreds of medical workers from across the country have arrived in order to help. These healthcare workers are an essential part of keeping our communities healthy during this crisis, and at Common, we want to help them in the best way we can: by offering them flexible, affordable housing for the duration of their stay in New York City.Common has a unique ability to offer temporary housing options for medical professionals looking for a safe option to live. At two of Common’s upcoming homes, Common Wyckoff and Common Hancock, we’ll be prioritizing leasing to traveling healthcare professionals. In addition, Common will be offering extra benefits to all healthcare professionals that move into these two buildings:

Cash-free security deposits:

Having cash on hand is more important now than ever. By waiving upfront security deposits, Common hopes to make a sudden move less of a financial burden on medical professionals.

Highly flexible lease terms:

Whether you’re staying for 2 months or 6, Common can provide you with housing and flexible lease terms that match the duration of your stay.

$500 Uber gift card to help with the cost of transportation to and from work:

New York hospitals across the city need staffing, and transportation costs can add up quickly. We want to help medical professionals arrive to work and home safely by helping them reduce these costs.All Common members get a private, furnished bedroom in a fully furnished shared space. Rent also includes all household essentials (such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies), free weekly cleanings of shared spaces, and WiFi and utilities. Common Wyckoff is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Common Hancock is located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Both homes are within walking distance from Woodhull Hospital, and a short drive from the Brooklyn Hospital Center, Kings County Hospital, and New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.The team at Common is extremely grateful to the medical professionals who are uprooting their lives and risking their own health for the safety of others. We hope that by offering a comfortable, convenient environment for them to live in during their time in New York City that we can make this transition easier for them, and show our gratitude.

If you or anyone you know is a medical professional looking for housing in New York City, please reach out to our leasing team at 347-934-8934 or email at

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