Memorial Day tips for a festive and socially-distanced day at home


Memorial Day tips for a festive and socially-distanced day at home


Whether you are currently quarantined in a city apartment, escaped to the open spaces of Alaska, or find yourself somewhere in the in-between of suburbia, Memorial Day weekend is here, and we want to help you celebrate! To help you enjoy the festivities and honor those who have served even during these unique times, we’ve compiled a few ideas on how to celebrate at home.

Create a beach escape, even if it’s just your fire-escape

memorial daysGetting outside is vital to help elevate your mood and stay in festive spirits. No matter where you’re based, there are so many creative ways to enjoy the outdoors while also responsibly social distancing. If you have a green space or roof, why not spend a few hours enjoying the sun with a cold drink and a good book? If you live in the city, throw open your windows and turn your fire-escape into an extension of your home. Also don’t underestimate the power of going on a long walk through a nature reserve, park, or neighborhood to eliminate cabin fever. While this year might not look like a crowded celebration with your loved ones, you can still enjoy moments in the sun and the fresh air!

Host a virtual BBQ

memorial dayCrazing some social interaction? Or a burger? Or Both? Give a virtual BBQ with your loved-ones a try! While we aren’t suggesting that you should spend hours facing a screen instead of being outdoors, you might be surprised at how much a 30-minute or 1-hour meal with someone you love can improve your day (even if it’s through a screen). By ordering a savory BBQ dish from a local restaurant and pairing it with a patriotic-themed cocktail and a spread of seasonal fruit, you can celebrate in style while also supporting your local community.

Take time for gratitude and reflection

memorial dayAs fun as BBQ and cocktails are, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the purpose behind Memorial Day. Set aside some time to write a letter to a veteran, (here are some amazing organizations that offer these services), or donate to the VA! Finding moments to reflect and encourage someone else will help focus your thoughts on things to be grateful for during these strange times.

If you are looking for more socially-distanced tips, head over to our blog for advice on how to move during social-distancing, quarantine with roommates, and even working from home tips from our team.

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