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What you can rent in Playa Vista for under $1,800/month


Playa Vista — the Los Angeles neighborhood home to Common Centinela by Category and part of Silicon Beach — is where innovation and easy-living meet. Once the build site of Howard Hughes’ legendary “Spruce Goose” airplane, Playa Vista has a history of hosting industry-leaders and future-shapers; and modern juggernauts like EA, Google, Hulu, and Twitter all have outposts in the neighborhood. 

There’s much more to life than work, of course, and fortunately there’s plenty of life to be lived near Playa Vista! Whether it’s sunning and strolling in Marina Del Rey or people-watching and shopping in Venice, Playa Vista’s draws (and those of its Silicon Beach neighbors) make it a great place to live. 

Ready to make your move? While we can’t help you pack your bags and load the moving truck (we would if we could!), we can help you find the perfect place to start your new life in Playa Vista — without breaking the bank. 

4524 South Slauson

Technically in nearby Culver City, this small studio is definitely for those looking to live minimally. Amenities include a small fridge, a microwave, and a hotplate — meaning the $1,295/month price tag will allow you to spend more on takeout from local favorite Tacomiendo. A bathtub and shafts of natural sunlight are definite highs in this unit, and we know that with a little creative thinking and thoughtful design can make the space feel much larger! 

8944 Reading Ave

A 10-minute drive from Playa Vista proper, this Westchester apartment is a near polar opposite of the last unit. Wood floors, a spacious shower, a fridge fit for the home cooks and meal preppers, and a (small) kitchen bar are definite draws — as is the unit’s ample closet space. Overall, the 900 sq ft space is organized well, but there’s one kicker: the unit is on the flight path to LAX. The listing does mention that the unit is equipped with triple-paneled windows to reduce sound, but for $1,745/month you’ll have to decide if that’s a dealbreaker or not. 

5469 ½ Alvern Circle

Slightly downmarket, this $1,595/month studio is another blank canvas for potential renters. Vertical blinds help to illuminate the space, and a decent-sized kitchen bar will make hosting — even with limited space — a breeze. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the unit comes equipped with a fridge, and kitchen cabinet space leaves much to be desired. With that said: the unit’s close proximity to Playa Vista (you’ll get there by car in less than 10 minutes), Ralph’s, and the iconic Randy’s Donuts definitely sweetens the deal. 

Common Centinela by Category

While it should come as no surprise that Common Centinela by Category is our favorite way to live in Playa Vista, it may surprise you just how good life can be at Common. The only option on this list actually located in Playa Vista proper — and also the most attainable option starting at $1,233/month — Common Centinela by Category is for those who want it all. All-inclusive coliving means that utilities, WiFi, professional cleanings, and household essentials are all part of your rate. Plus, on-site laundry and fully-furnished shared spaces (like a lounge and rooftop deck) are included amenities you won’t likely find elsewhere. All for the lowest rate on our list? Kind of a no-brainer! 

Live life on your terms

Living exactly where you want to doesn’t have to come with sacrifices — and Common Centinela by Category is (co)living proof. Ready to make the move to Playa Vista? Start by exploring Common Centinela by Category (and our other choices on this list!) and see why Common is the clear choice.

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