Meet a Member: Malachi Lee in Oakland


To celebrate the launch of our community portal, we gave one member who signed up a month of rent on us.

The lucky winner was none of there than Malachi Lee, a Baltimore native that now calls Common MacArthur in Oakland home. We caught up with Malachi to discuss his favorite parts of the Bay Area and what he would do if his good luck streak continues and he wins the lottery.

Introduce yourself.

[My] name is Malachi (pronounced as Mal-la-Kai) and [I’m] new to the Bay Area. Been here for almost two years and it has been an overwhelming experience. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland but lived in Houston for 12 years so I would call myself a Houstonian, lol.

What are your favorite parts of living in the Bay Area?

My favorite part of living in the bay is the spiritual culture. There are so many options to expand and diversify your spirituality. From yoga to community conscious events, I am able to experience life in the most organic and fruitful way. The other indulgence is coffee and cocktails, lol.  I love specialty coffee and cocktails made with quality ingredients such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, orange peels, etc.

Where do you or what do you do to unwind?

Listen to jazz, light some incense and candles and start cooking. Cooking is therapeutic and gives me a chance to create in my busy life.

What does comfort at home mean to you?

Comfort at home grounds me and brings me back to perspective, the importance of being rooted in a home and release the stresses of the day. It reduces my anxiety, elevates my mood, and reminds me of peace of mind.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I have a balance between the two. It’s important to connect with people and enjoy healthy exchange while having time to self reflect and spending alone time for recovery.

Why did you decide to live at Common?

The layout is spacious and the opportunity to connect with people. The amenities are a huge bonus.

This is hardly a lottery, but what would you do if you won the lottery?

Donate to a housing project for low-income families and food coops. Also investment portfolio for short and long term income to travel.

Think you’ll love coliving as much as Malachi? Sign up for a free tour today, and find out.

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