Meet a Member: Andre Thom in Crown Heights, Brooklyn


When Andre transferred to New York from California, he had no idea what was in store for him. A quick search led him to Common, and he immediately found a home and community. At Common Kingston, he designed his private space to fit his personal lifestyle, hosted successful events for Common members, and has taken advantage of all that the city and Common have to offer.

Now, Andre says he “wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world than right here in NYC!” 

Andre immediately felt at home in Common Kingston, despite moving across the country. To find out how he did it, we spoke to him about his transition, his love for his customized bedroom, and his favorite parts about living at Common.

First things first, introduce yourself! 

My name is Andre, and I’m a social activist and lawyer in my twenties. I have a black belt, a private pilot license, and for fun, I like to host house parties.

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You’ve transformed your bedroom at Common and truly made it your own. How did you approach customizing the space?

Common provides a fully furnished bedroom and suites, so I only had to bring my clothes and a few other belongings with me across the country. I chose Common to have mobility, and it seemed logical that I burden myself with only the possessions that function to improve my quality of life without impeding on that mobility. 

This is why I decided to make my room smart. Basically, all of my favorite devices can be controlled by my phone, even my Molekule air filter. I use the voice-activated Amazon Alex to control my Sonos wireless speaker and Optoma projector home theater system. Space is a luxury in New York City, so I also mounted all of my devices onto the wall to utilize more vertical space.

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What’s your favorite element in your room? What about your home?

I love that my projector and Sonos home theater system make me feel like I’m at the movies without leaving my bedroom, but the best part about my home has to be my private, ensuite bathroom and the laundry machine right outside my door.

What tips do you have for someone looking to upgrade a fully furnished space? What should they consider? 

I’d suggest looking for ways to reduce clutter. The best way to start doing this is to donate the things you don’t use and keep the things that bring value to your life. For example, I was able to eliminate an extra cord by using a SoapBox to sanitize and charge my phone. The golden rule: Don’t bring (or buy) things that can’t be carried in a duffle bag.

You’re active in the Common community — what’s been your favorite event?

I’m biased because I was the host, but my CBD Rooftop Party was my favorite event so far. Dozens of Common members and their friends showed up to try a newly legalized product for health and wellness.

What’s your favorite spot in your neighborhood? In NYC?

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has to be my favorite spot in my neighborhood. It’s right by Common Kingston, which is convenient. In the city, Central Park is my top spot.

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Just like Andre, you can design your perfect bedroom at Common. We provide all the basics — like a bed, mattress, bedside table, lamp — so that you can spend more time picking out the fun art, finishing touches, and technology (if you’re like Andre) to make your bedroom feel like home.

Tour a fully furnished Common home today.

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