Moving cross-country: how Deepak easily moved from LA to NYC with Common


After 10 years of working for the US Department of Energy and analyzing customer behavior for airlines, Deepak was ready for a change. This past December, he took a leap of faith,  to make the cross-country move from LA to NYC to pursue a career change in advertising and marketing. With no NYC connections, community, or even furniture, he bravely moved motivated by the prospect of starting a new chapter in the biggest city on the East Coast.

So how did this major life change pan out for Deepak? We chatted with him to ask him about how he’s settled into his new life in NYC and his favorite parts about being a Common member in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Hi Deepak! A cross-country move is no small feat. How have you been able to adjust to your new life in New York?

You’re absolutely right–it’s never easy to leave your comfort zone! Although I loved my life in LA, I knew that it was time for me to pursue my interest in marketing and advertising. NYC seemed like the perfect place to start over and also gain the skills and connections I needed for this my own personal growth.

Originally, I chose to live in a Common space for convenience—-everything was included! Utensils, furniture, cleaning, and laundry were all things I didn’t want to have to worry about while I was restarting my life thousands of miles away. The community aspect did appeal to me, but every coliving option I looked at bragged about their community. While looking for a place to live remotely, it can be difficult to tell if community is actually a core part of the company’s values, and after living alone for 11 years, I knew it would require intentional communication to adjust to this new environment. Thankfully, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it’s been to meet people by attending member events but also have the private space I need to recharge! 


How have attending member events shaped your NYC experience?

Now that I’ve lived at Common for over 6 months, I think the events are one of the best parts about Common. My favorite type of event has been the standup comedy shows where members from all locations in the city can attend and meet each other.* Another aspect that I love about living here is the diversity of the community. Everyone comes from such diverse backgrounds, cultures, and even countries–there is no shortage of interesting people to learn from.

*All member events are currently virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


Looking to move to a brand new city?

We’ve created a guide on how to move while social distancing and how to find roommates while in quarantine. Stay up to date on our Instagram for even more updates and roommate tips!

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