Meet a Philly member: Janine, an at-home-care nurse in Fairmount


As a mom of two and healthcare worker, Janine is a woman on a mission to help those around her and enjoy life to the fullest. Although she was born and raised in New York City, she’s called Philadelphia home since 2004! 

As an at-home care nurse that works the night shift, she needed a place to call home that offered an easy, stress-free, and reliable environment during the pandemic. Common Civic, in Fairmount, Philadelphia, proved to be the perfect safe haven for her with its many amenity spaces and all-inclusive rent. Keep reading to learn about what it was like to move during the pandemic and her top recommendations for anyone visiting or moving to Philadelphia.  

Hi Janine! What does your day to day look like in Philly? 

As an at-home-care nurse, I have been blessed not to be exposed during the pandemic. There’s just one patient I consistently see, so my role actually has very little to do with the COVID-19 environment. In addition to my job, I have two daughters that keep me busy. One is already out of college, but my youngest is in her senior year of high school in New Jersey. While it’s been difficult to finish school at home, I’m proud of how independent she is and dedicated to finishing her work!

What was your experience of moving into a coliving unit during a pandemic? 

In my opinion, you can easily overthink coliving into a negative viewpoint without actually giving it a try. I try to be very open-minded to continue to learn and grow! After moving into my suite in May, I’ve learned that coliving is a perfect option for my current lifestyle. I don’t have little kids that live with me anymore, and as an empty nester, I wanted to prioritize trying new experiences. When I moved in, I was actually alone in my suite for a couple of weeks and got to settle in before my roommates moved in. Especially since I mainly work the night shift, I barely see my roommates–one is a doctor and has an even busier schedule than I do!  

If I need to be in a space outside of my suite, there are different places to go besides JUST the living room. For instance, Common Civic’s multipurpose lounges and coworking spaces give me the space to work or relax in a new environment, and the rooftop actually saved my sanity during the summer! Since I was trying to avoid large public gatherings and spaces, the spacious roof with a gorgeous city view offered me a small escape. Another bonus for me? There’s always beautiful art in the hallways and lobby to enjoy. 

What’s your favorite thing about Philly? 

Most people forget that Philadelphia is an incredibly historic city that gave birth to a lot of the country we know today! My ideal day would be to explore the many museums (check out our Philly art museum guide) and historical sights trying to learn as much as possible. There’s always something to do in this city. Another one of my favorite activities is to attend one of the many live shows and concerts. 

My top recommendations would be to explore Reading Terminal in Downtown Philly. It’s a giant market that sells fresh fish, produce, and a host of restaurants. Everyone can choose what they prefer to eat and then explore the numerous artisan boutiques and wine shops within the market afterward. The Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Penn’s Landing, and the Rocky Steps are also iconic landmarks that I love visiting even as a local. 

Do you have advice for anyone thinking of moving to Philly?

When you’re in Philly, you’re truly in the middle of it all! NYC, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland are all a short car or train ride away. Living in Philadelphia means you have access to many of the East Coast’s most iconic cities.

“Always remember that Philadelphia is about so much more than just a Philly Cheesesteak. Most people don’t take the time to explore their own city, and Philadelphia is full of American history and culture for anyone who wants to experience it.”

Now some rapid-fire questions!

  • Favorite Neighborhood: Center City
  • Dream celebrity roommate: Oprah Winfrey
  • Favorite local spot: Green Eggs Cafe
  • Go to coffee shop drink: Starbucks, I enjoy trying different drinks from the secret menu! 
  • You can never get enough_____when living in Philly: Rita’s water ice & pretzels from Philly Pretzel Factory 
  • Ideal Friday night: Hanging out in Center City because there’s always something fun and creative to do!

Want to know more about living in Philadelphia? 

We have stunning traditional apartments and fully-furnished coliving apartments with utilities, household goods, weekly cleanings, and member events early next year! Head to our website to get put on our email list for our upcoming Philly homes and book a virtual or in-person tour with one of our leasing agents.

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