Meet a San Francisco member: Sarah, a financial analyst in SoMa


Meet Sarah, a financial analyst for a startup in San Francisco who loves meeting new people and exploring her city. She and her roommate, Anusha, moved into Common to continue building community while also building their careers. Read more to hear about Sarah’s life in San Francisco and her tips on the best places to explore in SoMa and beyond!

Hi Sarah! How have you and Anusha found community in San Francisco? 

Anusha and I both moved to San Francisco last year and met while living at a building run by another coliving company. We’ve been great friends ever since! Once we moved into Common this past November, we knew it was a place we could make our own. 

Anusha and I definitely love meeting new people, and Common has made it so easy for anyone to build community!  Whether we’re chatting with our neighbors through the app or meeting them at the rooftop grill, we’re always meeting cool new people. 

What are your favorite things about living at Common

We were incredibly excited to move into our new place, even during a pandemic. Common offered us a beautiful apartment within our price range, while also offering so many amazing amenities. If I had to pick one favorite part of our building, it would definitely be the rooftop! It’s a great space to relax, meet new people, and take in the views. Also, the views from our room alone were breathtaking. 

What advice do you have for anyone moving to SoMa or San Francisco? 

SoMa is one of my favorite neighborhoods because it’s close to almost everything! My favorite spots to explore are Golden Gate Park, Out of the Closet Thrift Store, and The Castro neighborhood. An ideal day for Anusha and me in San Francisco is definitely to go on a short hike, brunch in The Castro, visit Fort Point View Point or Strawberry Hill, and find some great thrift shops to explore. 

Some fun stuff!

Favorite neighborhood: Haight Ashbury

Dream celebrity roommate: Taylor Swift

Favorite local spot: The Castro or Golden Gate Park

Ideal Friday night in San Francisco: Grilling on the rooftop and hanging out with friends

Favorite roommate tradition: Making chai 

Want to stay up to date with Sarah and Anusha’s adventures? 

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