Meet a member: Aaron in Francisville, Philadelphia


When Aaron’s not working, you can find him on the rooftop of Common Civic with a cup of tea by himself or a cold drink with his friends. We spoke with Aaron about what his life in Philadelphia is like and how he found Common during the pandemic.

Hi Aaron! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a Third Year Resident at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Chair of Community Engagement for The Alliance of Minority Physicians. Through that, I do a lot of community-focused work outside of the hospital. I have been involved in projects to address food insecurity and gun violence. I’m also very interested in community revitalization and breathing new life into neighborhoods that seem to be forgotten about and where violence is more destructive. My family lives in poverty in North Philadelphia, so I’ve seen how destructive it can be.

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How did you find Common?

I lost my housing situation abruptly with no warning a little over a year ago during a time that was very critically demanding — I was working a lot of long shifts at the hospital. I didn’t have a lot of time to search, so my mom searched online and found Common. She did a virtual tour and we thought it looked really great. I moved in during June 2020 and it looked fantastic, it’s been everything that I needed. Since my shifts are sporadic, Common has been perfect for a chaotic and unpredictable schedule.

What’s your favorite part about living at Common Civic?

My favorite part about living at Common Civic is the community. With my schedule, it’s hard to be a part of consistent community activities, but a lot of my co-residents are also in medicine, which has been cool. I’ve made connections with the staff and my neighbors. The rooftop deck is incredible and a great spot to hangout. I go up there all the time to drink tea, unwind, and watch the sunset.

Describe your ideal day in Philadelphia:

My ideal day in Philadelphia is going to the Philadelphia Art Museum and spending time in the area around it, any time of the year!

Some fun stuff!

Name: Aaron Briggs
City: Francisville, Philadelphia
Favorite neighborhood in Philly: Germantown in Northeast Philly
Dream celebrity roommate: Noam Chomsky
Favorite local spot: Max’s Cheesesteaks in North Philly!
Go-to coffee shop drink: Light roast hot coffee, black
You can never have enough ____ when living in Philadelphia: Philly cheesesteaks
Ideal night off from work in Francisville: Hanging out with friends and having some drinks on the rooftop at Common Civic

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