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Which L.A. coliving home is right for you?


So, you’ve made the decision to move to Los Angeles (jealous!) and you’re now faced with a challenge countless Angelenos encounter — where, exactly, to live. Unlike the guy you matched with on Tinder who says he “contains multitudes” but actually just meant he love-bombed and ghosted, L.A. actually has many sides to it. While this makes Los Angeles extremely appealing for people who want virtually dozens of cities in one, it can make nailing down where to plant your roots a challenge. 

To make matters worse, once you’ve nailed down your neighborhood you have to face the brutal reality that is the Los Angeles rental market. Is #CaliforniaDreamin’ worth it if it means you have to share a shoebox with four other strangers for $2,000/month? If my address is in Altadena can I still say I live in L.A.? 

These are questions you won’t have to ask yourself as a Common member. In addition to providing members with some of the West Coast’s most attainable rates, our Los Angeles homes include luxury amenities and conveniences — like furnished lounges, rooftop decks, household essentials, and online payment portals. 

While you can avoid the above questions, you do have to ask yourself one: should I live at Common Fountain in Hollywood or Common Centinela by Category in Playa Vista? Fortunately, the team at Common has put together a guide to help you decide which L.A. coliving home is right for you. 

Common Fountain

At a glance: Live the Hollywood high-life without breaking the bank. In addition to a private bedroom in a fully-furnished shared suite, members have access to a fitness center, a rec room, a furnished rooftop, and in-unit laundry — all starting at $1,285/month.

Common Fountain is a two-minute drive from 🎶San-ta Moni-ca Bou-le-vard 🎶 and offers members leading-role living at a bit-part price. Balconies offer sweeping views of Los Angeles, but believe it or not the inside is the real showstopper. Thoughtfully-designed furnishings from Floyd and spacious storage solutions will appeal to the design-conscious, and you don’t have to be a home cook to appreciate the gas stove and stainless steel appliances. 

Amenities are far from limited to the suites, and members can get a sweat in (or just pretend to for a selfie, we won’t judge!) in Common Fountain’s fitness center — or take advantage of the building’s bike storage, furnished rooftop, or rec room. 

Leave the lobby and you’ll find the fan-favorite Gold-Diggers — a “rock-and-roll palace” which comprises a bar, a venue, and a recording studio all under one roof. Countless other bars and restaurants pepper the neighborhood, and a good time is always within reach at Common Fountain. 

Get ready for move-in, if…

If you’re charmed by Old Hollywood, you actually liked La La Land, and you’re more of a night owl than an early bird, Hollywood’s Common Fountain is your perfect scene partner. If you’re waiting on your “big break,” flexible leases (starting at three month terms) mean you can always move into the Chateau — though we have a feeling you’ll prefer Common Fountain!

Common Centinela by Category

At a glance: Playa Vista is also known as Silicon Beach, and our Playa Vista home is perfect for BigTech employees and beach bums alike. Nearby Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey are major bonuses, but the neighborhood itself has plenty to love. All-inclusive rates for private bedrooms in shared suites start at $1,297/month. 

Common Centinela by Category is our first home in the Playa Vista neighborhood, and offers members all-inclusive city living that’s also within close proximity to the water. In addition to our standard amenities like included WiFi, utilities, and household essentials, members at Common Centinela by Category also have access to a rooftop deck, a private balcony, and a communal rec room. 

The building’s countless shared spaces are perfect for remote work, and Google, Hulu, Twitter, and IMAX all have offices in Playa Vista — earning the neighborhood its Silicon Beach nickname. Common Centinela by Category’s proximity to the offices of these BigTech companies paired with its abundance of live-work spaces makes it the perfect home for employees at these powerhouse companies and remote workers alike. 

Off-the-clock, members at Common Centinela by Category count Marina Del Rey, Venice, and Playa Del Rey as their neighbors — but you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to have a good time. Local breweries like Gulp Restaurant & Brew Co and if-you-know-you-know ice cream scoop-shop Jeni’s are just a couple of spots destined to become your go-to’s living at Common Centinela by Common, and as the neighborhood continues to grow you’ll be supplied with a never-ending list of new spots to visit. 

Get ready for move-in, if…

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of city living and #SaltLife, or if you genuinely live “work hard, play hard,” Common Centinela by Category is the perfect L.A. coliving home for you. While BigTech loves Playa Vista, there’s so much more to the neighborhood than its corporate campuses — so you can be sure to leave your work at the office, be it remote or in-person. 

If you’re still stuck on which Los Angeles coliving home is right for you, you’re not alone. Through virtual or in-person tours, our leasing experts would be glad to make the decision easier for you — so schedule a tour of Common Fountain and Common Centinela by Category today!

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