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The Ultimate Guide to Living in Takoma, Washington, DC


Washington DC may be globally known as the political epicenter of the United States, but its enclave, Takoma, moves well beyond the capital and straight into the heart of idyllic living. Small in size but big in character, Takoma strikes the ideal balance between tight-knit vibes and metropolitan sophistication.

Whether you’re scouting out Washington DC Takoma apartments for a new place to call home, wondering what it’s like living in Washington DC, or simply want to know more about The District’s oldest railroad suburb, this guide will provide you with an inside glimpse of what life is like in this vibrant community.

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Quick Facts: Takoma, Washington DC

Not to be confused with Tacoma (Washington) or Takoma Park (Maryland) Takoma DC is a breath of fresh air in a city famed for its hustle and bustle. Here are a few fast stats about the burg:

  • Population – 23,637
  • Location – Takoma is situated in northern DC and shares a border with Takoma Park, MD. It’s bounded by Georgia Avenue (to the west) and Eastern Avenue (to the northeast). The National Mall is roughly 20 minutes away by car or public transit. Residents are also close to Silver Springs, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda.
  • Micro-neighborhoods – Takoma DC and its neighbor are broadly divided into three different parts:
    • Old Town
    • Takoma Junction
    • Takoma DC
  • Average household income (as of 2019) – $86,226
  • Average home price – $652,500
  • Average rent – $1,246
  • Median age – 38.9 years old
  • Known for – From eclectic boutiques to chic restaurants, and from proximity to everything from yoga studios to Takoma Park farmers’ market, Takoma Washington DC offers its residents and visitors a host of top-shelf attractions. It’s also a leading choice for commuters, who are just steps away from the Takoma metro station.
  • History – Founded in 1883 by real estate mogul Benjamin Franklin Gilbert and with parts of the ‘hood listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Takoma has gone to great lengths to preserve its picturesque, historic charm, with many of the homes in this region dating back more than a century. In the first year of the 20th century, Seventh-Day Adventists moved into the region, a force that put an embargo on alcohol and shuttered businesses on Sundays. Takoma DC is now squarely in the present, and incredibly diverse, but it’s held onto some of its vegan, community activist roots.

Takoma DC Culture

Washington DC proper spans 68.3 square miles and packs eighth district wards and 37 neighborhoods into its dense space.

In other words, every neighborhood in this exhilarating city possesses its own personality. Familiarizing yourself with Takoma’s—at least on the page before venturing into it—can help you zero in on the best DC neighborhood for your lifestyle and preferences.


Washington DC is increasingly earning praise as a mecca for dynamite cuisine with restaurants representing multiple pockets of the planet.

Takoma DC is no exception, even if, yes, eateries are fewer and farther between when compared to the heart of The District, and you may have to travel a block or two to find precisely what you’re searching for. Still, you’ll discover a sweet mix of kick-back cafes, irresistible food trucks, the best coffee shops in DC, an upscale soup spot, and swank venues, some in the neighborhood itself and some nearby. Here are a handful of the most popular:

  • Busboy and Poets – The name of this outpost alone is reason enough to meander through its welcoming doors. The bright space, which dubs itself a hub for positive cultural change, serves as the ideal place to relish a Hurston Cooler with Teremana tequila and nosh on elevated bar bites like firecracker shrimp and red curry risotto. Busboys and Poets isn’t just a place for terrific food and great conversation, either: it also frequently hosts events aligned with its mission to affect social transformation.
  • Elife – Elife’s convenient location two doors down from the steps of the Takoma Metro station has turned it into a top spot for grabbing low-key, plant-based takeout. Rosemary tofu, cashew macaroni and cheese, and eggplant parm are just a few of the gems you’ll find on their menu.
  • Horace and Dickies – Forget its humble digs: Horace and Dickies arguably serves some of the most succulent seafood in The District. Pair your takeaway dinner with a Soul Food side and you’ll be in high heaven.
  • El Sabor a Mexico – Authentic Mexican fare takes center stage at this Takoma DC institution, where you’ll find everything from birria tacos to Cubana tortas. Top off your order with a slice of classic flan or their epic limoncello cake.
  • Donut Run – Have an early morning? Brighten it with a stop at the hip Donut Run. Their selection of sugary, 100% vegan treats changes daily; check their IG before heading in or while waiting in line but expect to find unique flavors like blueberry maple, lemon jelly, tiramisu, mango coconut, and lick-the-cinnamon-from-your-fingers French toast.


In a city that rarely sleeps, you can expect to find a boatload of places to let loose after a long day or week. Takoma is praised more for its dynamic demographic and small-town feel than booming clubs and late-night bars, but it still has a wealth of new and historic hotspots:

  • Takoma Station Tavern – This lively lounge is rumored to be one of the oldest jazz venues in DC; a site that was established by Bobby Boyd and once greeted luminaries like Stevie Wonder and Stanley Clarke. The Takoma Station Tavern Maintains its original vision with weekly jazz jams, as well as comedy and karaoke.
  • Premier Bar & Lounge – Whether you’re in the mood to enjoy a live comedy competition, watch a world championship in a place teeming with camaraderie, or dance to the electrifying sounds of acclaimed DJs, Premier Bar & Lounge will have you amply covered. Best part yet: the option to walk home to your Takoma pad.
  • Quarry House Tavern – Sure, you’ll have to venture outside of your neighborhood and into Silver Springs a short distance away, but this landmark pub, complete with a vintage jukebox and church pews for bar seats, will be more than well worth it. And if you like whiskey, you’re in luck: the iconic spot has one of the most formidable whiskey lists in The District.
  • Takoma Theater – The legendary Takoma Theater is one of the symbols of this district. While it no longer puts on the performances it once did, it’s still a pleasure to visit, particularly since it’s home to the Lost Socks Roasters—the perfect place to pick up a hot cup of well-crafted coffee.
  • Cedar Crossing Tavern and Wine Bar – True, Cedar Crossing Tavern and Wine Bar is better suited for early-evening happy hours than late-night shenanigans, but this lovely neighborhood venue is dedicated to bringing the consumers of Takoma together. Events are frequently featured at this intimate bar, from Taco Tuesdays and Scotch tastings to Thirsty Thursdays and “bartender’s call” nights. Plus, where else can you pair vegan cherry cheesecake with pumpkin-spiced moonshine?

Top Attractions

Merely strolling down the streets of Takoma DC satisfies and delights with its green spaces, historic architecture, and flourishing restaurants and retailers. Still, the ‘hood and its neighbors boast a bunch of stand-out ways to spend your free time:

  • Takoma Park Farmers’ Market – When Sunday rolls around, roll out of bed and cross over to Maryland’s side of the Takoma equation for their weekly, year-round, rain-or-shine farmers’ market. Here, you can pick up organic goods, artisan baked goods, fresh cheese, and pasture-raised proteins, all sourced within 125 miles of the buzzy market.
  • Takoma Community Center – Takoma Community Center brings residents of this region together for good, old-fashioned fun. Tennis, swimming, fitness classes, and basketball are just a few of the amenities this friendly facility offers.
  • Rock Creek Park – Rock Creek Park is one of the crown jewels of The District—and Takoma residents, and people throughout DC, flock to it. Spanning more than 1,700 acres, the lush urban park furnishes visitors with plenty of activities, including horseback riding, hiking, and concerts.


Whether you have school-aged children now or hope to start a brood at some point in the future, rest assured that Takoma has a solid selection of schools, including:

  • Coolidge Senior High
  • Takoma Elementary

Savor Takoma Washington DC’s Spirit with Common

Selecting the optimal DC neighborhood is no easy feat: The city abounds with alluring districts. If you’re a fan of verdant streets, places steeped in history, gorgeously-restored Victorians, and a community-driven ethos, Takoma might be the neighborhood for you.

Here’s what is easy: Renting with Common.

We set out to take the stress, confusion, and chaos out of moving apartments so that people like you can slide right into their lives in a new city. Common Clover, located in the heart of Takoma, features impeccable, fully-furnished suites with all of the amenities and luxuries you need and want at your fingertips, including a rooftop deck and a fitness center.

Let us take care of the details so that you can work on getting to know your neighbors in Takoma—and discovering your new favorite establishments.

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