Washington, DC

Private rooms now available in Chinatown and Shaw

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Find a place to call home amongst the hustle and bustle of our nation's capital. Washington, DC is home to some of the best museums, landmarks, and gardens in the country.

Danielle R

"Common has been an amazing place to call home for almost two years now. During my first year, I spent the first half living in Common's NYC Williamsburg location and then transferred to one of the locations in San Francisco for the duration of my lease. Common makes it really seamless to do this, and since coliving rooms are fully furnished, all I had to do was move a few suitcases. Some highlights are the gorgeous community spaces which are different in each building- for example, in Williamsburg there is a fitness room and also a huge movie room where people would gather to watch movies every weekend. In SF, I really enjoyed cooking with roommates in our extra large kitchen and many people used the downstairs lounge area for working. And both had great rooftops, of course! I really liked my roommates and have kept in touch with many of them. At Common there is pretty much always something going on that you can get involved in, but there is never any pressure to do so. Everyone is on slack and people are fairly active, and you'll often see invitations in your building's channel to go out and check out a new restaurant, or go hiking outside the city, or just hang out downstairs and watch GOT. It's cool to just have an instant network to be plugged in to. Lastly, I really appreciate the people who work at Common- they are super friendly and easy to contact via email. You get a human response pretty quickly and they always follow up to make sure the repair got done (or whatever you requested)...it's a much more seamless process than with any other residential building I've ever lived in."


"I moved to NY and straight into Common. I was set up and settled in within a few minutes of arriving. I've made great new friends both at my home and other Common homes in the neighborhood."

Gabriel Guzman

"I am very happy with my decision to live at a Common Property. It gave me an easy outlet to enjoy luxury living while meeting very cool people I wouldn't have necessarily met if I lived on my own. I like having people over and being social, and I could never do that because my historically places were always too small. I didn’t have the things that Common gave. It’s just so much better with Common."

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