Interior Design

How do you make your living space beautiful? It’s not just about finding the perfect, sunlit loft - you also need to know a little something about design. But don’t worry - you don’t need a fine arts degree to give your home a warm and welcoming vibe. You just need to be thoughtful about your decor and brush up on some smart design advice.

Here on the Common blog, that’s what we’re all about. Read up on the latest tips and tricks to give your apartment the comfy allure it deserves. Whether you’re trying to color-match your furniture, locate the best vintage stores in your city, or just find some houseplants that thrive in a coliving environment, we’ve got you covered.

Interior Design

Coliving, defined from an architectural design perspective

Coliving refers to a beautiful, furnished home optimized for urban living. We asked our Director of Architecture Jenn Chang to elaborate.

Interior Design

How to design an effective home office

On the days you need to work from home or finish up a project late at night, having a home office makes all the difference in productivity.

Interior Design

Best outdoor space design ideas to beautify your home

Every home needs an outdoor space, whether it’s for parties or just getting some air. Give your outdoor space a fresh new look.

Interior Design

DIY decoration ideas for spring and summer

Design is at the heart of Common homes. Here are 5 easy DIY ideas for you to spruce up the interior design of your home.

Apartment Searching

6 differences between a condo and apartment

Read on to learn what each has to offer and how they differ.

Interior Design

Studio vs. 1 Bedroom Apartment: What’s the Difference?

There’s more to consider than just the square footage when comparing studio apartments and 1 bedroom apartments.