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Local Highlights

Jamilla Okubo – Local Artist in Action

Read our interview with Jamilla Okubo, our latest Local Artist in Action at Common Clifton in Washington D.C.

Interior Design

The top lighting tricks to make your apartment look big & beautiful

Living in urban areas often results in smaller spaces with inadequate windows. So how should you light your apartment to make it feel bigger?


7 simple habits that improve your roommate relationships overnight

Not everyone has practice living with other people, that’s why we recommend a proactive approach when it comes to sharing space!

Local Highlights

Where to find wine and community in Point Richmond — Riggers Loft

We spoke to Winemaker Barbara Brown about the history of Riggers Loft and what Common Cottage residents can expect to find in Point Richmond.

Apartment Searching

The truth about apartment hunting

Apartment hunting is a struggle, but you’re not alone. Check out our list of the most Common apartment hunting hurdles.

Apartment Searching

5 crucial features most people forget while apartment hunting

While apartment hunting is stressful and you may be tempted to sign the first lease that seems reasonable, make sure you consider everything first.