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How to stay cool and energized this summer

Finding ways to stay cool in temperatures above 90 degrees is super important. Here are our top ways to beat the heat this summer.


Wellness at Common: community events round-up

Here are a few of our favorite examples of wellness-based events that can inspire you and your friends to host in your city!


What a coliving company’s office looks like

Check out our new HQ! Common’s Associate Director of Interior Design, Cait Gury, transferred the philosophy of our homes to our office.

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3 Tips for Moving to Los Angeles

If you’re moving to Los Angeles, check out these three tips for making the most of it, including how to beat traffic – hint: you can’t.


How to live with roommates as an introvert

Whether you’re in college or moving into a shared apartment, here are some ways you can live with your roommates as an introvert.

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10 small ways you can improve your neighborhood

Besides taking out the trash and being neighborly, there’s a lot more that each of us can do to make our neighborhood better.