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The best apps for finding roommates

Looking for a potential roommate or a new place to call home? Read our guide for finding the best roommates through recommended apps.

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Purslane’s expert advice on cooking conscious meals at home

NYC based catering company, Purslane gives expert advice on how to shop and cook for zero-waste, conscious meals at home.

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Inclusive and compassionate health tips from the founder of SHAKTIBARRE

Hear more from the founder of a local barre and yoga studio in NYC on how to stay mentally and physically healthy during quarantine.


Working from home productivity tips

Thanks to social distancing precautions, many people are finding themselves working from home for the first time. Here’s how to stay productive.

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Terrarium basics for beginners with Sprout Home

Looking to add more green into your home? Sprout Home breaks down the ultimate terrarium basics for beginners and gardeners alike.

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Confidence beyond the label: the LA swimwear brand that’s all about community and inclusivity

Has your confidence ever been affected by a label? Read about how LDLA, a local Los Angeles size-free swimwear brand, focuses on natural confidence instead.