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    A Spooky Housewarming in San Francisco

    Earlier this month, our West Coast community threw a fantastic Halloween-themed housewarming party with spooky foods and creepy decorations they made themselves. Micah, of Common Minna, has his own delightful blog with…

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    Escape to Storm King

    Every month, Common sponsors a community outing for each neighborhood. This month, Williamsburg and Crown Heights came together to conquer Storm King Art Center. Storm King, for the uninitiated, is a…

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    Friendly Debates

    Everyone knows the old adage that you should not discuss politics in polite conversation. That’s an outdated adage and is unnecessary among close friends. Friends have healthy debates, not mean-spirited arguments. At Common,…

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    Coming Home in Brooklyn

    This week we celebrate our first home, Common Pacific’s anniversary. Cole, one of our first House Leaders and a founding member of Common Pacific, shares his experience as a member of…

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    NYC’s Best Fall Attractions

    Ahh fall. In New York, fall is a full on event. If you’ve never been to New York during the fall, let us tell you about why it’s one of the…

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