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Downtown Austin is the vibrant heart of the city, known for its skyline of modern high-rise buildings juxtaposed with historic landmarks. It is home to the Texas State Capitol, bustling entertainment districts like Sixth Street and Rainey Street, and cultural attractions such as the Blanton Museum of Art.

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If you’re looking to lay down roots in Downtown Austin, Common is the drama-free alternative to time-consuming apartment home visits, surprise expenses, and random roommates. Now, finding a Downtown Austin room for rent doesn’t have to break the bank!

What is coliving in Downtown Austin?

Downtown Austin coliving apartments provide the ideal balance between privacy and community, between low-key energy and big-city vibes. All shared suites include private bedrooms and shared bathrooms, plus a range of awesome common areas and amenities. From bonding nights with suitemates and other residents to exclusive events hosted by Common, you’re sure to make friends all under your roof.

Frequently asked questions

What is Downtown Austin known for?

Downtown Austin is known for its iconic Texas State Capitol, vibrant entertainment districts like Sixth Street, eclectic dining scene, and cultural attractions such as the Blanton Museum of Art. It's a hub for live music, offering countless venues and festivals year-round. The skyline is dominated by modern skyscrapers alongside historic landmarks, showcasing the city's blend of past and present. Get ready to explore trendy shops, enjoy outdoor activities along Lady Bird Lake, and soak in the bustling urban energy.

What is the public transportation like in Downtown Austin?

Public transportation in Downtown Austin is primarily served by Capital Metro, offering bus routes, the MetroRail Red Line, and on-demand services. The MetroRail provides commuter rail service connecting downtown with northern suburbs. Downtown is also well-connected by numerous bus routes, providing access to various neighborhoods and destinations. Biking is also quite popular, with designated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs available.

What are some fun things to do in Downtown Austin?

Explore the historic Texas State Capitol, enjoy live music on Sixth Street, and sample diverse cuisine in the bustling restaurant scene. If you like to enjoy the outdoors, take a scenic stroll along Lady Bird Lake's trails or rent a kayak for water adventures. Discover local art galleries, theaters, and cultural attractions like the Mexic-Arte Museum, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife at rooftop bars, craft cocktail lounges, and entertainment venues.