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Common Cassell artist spotlight: Jon Legere


Our latest D.C. coliving home, Common Cassell, just opened in Shaw! With fully-furnished suites, all-inclusive utilities, household essentials, and an incredible location, it’s the ideal apartment to live in our nation’s Capital. The art in Common Cassell was curated by the team at Sugarlift, an online gallery and platform for artists, and we’re thrilled to have been able to showcase the work of so many talented artists. 

One of the artists showcased at our lates D.C. home is Jon Legere. His three-part collage piece and sculpture celebrate the bright colors of his Bermudian upbringing and urban influences. Employing diverse aesthetic strategies and mediums, he examines the tensions between calm and chaos, found and manipulated.

common cassell

Jon has shown at galleries and art fairs internationally, including having his work featured at the 2019 Havana Biennial in Cuba. His reflection on the experience resonates with his philosophy in life: “In Cuba, chaos is king. Once you accept that and let go, everything opens up and becomes possible. Want to hear more about his artistic process and influences? Us too. Read more about our conversation with Jon and his perspective on his art at Common Cassell. 

How does your Bermudian upbringing influence your art? 

It’s influenced everything! On the island, you have to be colorful to stand out–even the buildings there are pink. Being surrounded by pink, orange, or other bright colors pushed me to utilize color to define my art. Now that I live in a big, gray city, I’m constantly challenged to incorporate bright colors and the island’s energy in my work.

common cassell

What inspired the piece you created that was chosen for Common Cassell? 

I see the collage piece as three works. The series of collage works on paper, the large painting panels, and the outdoor sculpture are all continuations of concepts and ideas. Rather than separate, unconnected pieces, you can see the similarity in shapes across all three mediums. For the sculpture specifically, I created my own alphabet!  Each shape corresponds to a letter that spells out the title of the piece, “Fish Out of Water.” 

common cassell

common cassell

In your opinion, how can art transform the atmosphere of a home?

A place without art is something I truly can’t imagine, so much so that I hide art all around my home! I’ll often collect inspiring art and put it somewhere random (like on a shelf behind a book) and forget I put it there! Rediscovering it later is like finding treasure. 

What upcoming project are you most excited about? 

There’s an artist residency called Quinto Plinto at Castello di Potentino in Tuscany, Italy that I was supposed to do this year. It got postponed because of Covid, but hopefully it’ll be rescheduled for next year!

common cassell

Some fun questions!

If you could only use a few words, how would you describe your work? 

Always in beta.

What is your favorite place? 

It sounds cheesy, but everywhere I am. I enjoy being present.

What’s your ideal Saturday? 

Going out into the neighborhood with my kids, grabbing coffee or breakfast, and then going to the park. 

Who would be your dream roommate? 

If I don’t say my wife I’ll get in trouble! (Just kidding) I love living with my wife and two kids – it’s the best. 

Interested in what life could look like for you in D.C?

common cassell

We have stunning fully-furnished coliving apartments with utilities, household goods, weekly cleanings, and member events in the heart of the city. If you want to explore what your life could look like in the nation’s capital, check out our newest home in Shaw, Common Cassell, on our website to book a tour.

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