Coliving in Chicago

Private room rentals available in Ukrainian Village, Lakeview East, and Pilsen shared housing

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World class architecture, museums, music, food, and sports intersect in the city of Chicago. The only thing you might have trouble finding? Affordable housing that really feels like home. That's why Common coliving was created. We're here for young professionals, digital nomads, and anyone else who wants to share space with a community of like-minded people while still enjoying the amenities of private living. Our move-in ready shared spaces come complete with stocked kitchen, washer and dryer, cleaning service, and more.


"I've now lived in Common in New York, New York (Pacific) and Oakland, California (MacArthur). Highlights include weekly cleaners, Android TV or Roku, Nest, Sonos, 100Mbps Internet, Cisco Meraki or Ubiquiti APs (with -60dBm coverage or better), free washers/dryers, Casper bed, Parachute bed sheets, nice utensils and furniture, keyless entry (mobile or card), Slack, Stripe, emergency support numbers, exclusive monthly events, informal get togethers, and more. Amenities and offerings were similar in MacArthur, although the house structure and neighborhood differed; I'd encourage you to spend some time in your potential neighborhood before signing a lease, if possible. I've overall had a positive experience and if it weren't for some personal situations (a mix of life, financial, and career), I might still be living in Common. Most amazingly, I met my significant other in Common, we're now coming up on two years, and things are going really well! There's a lot to like about Common, from the convenience, to the community. The community aspect often seems less relevant when first considering housing in a city (at least it was for me) but it ended up being the thing that I actually liked most about Common. You get an instant network of friends, and my hope is that the emphasis Common placed on fostering a sense of community through weekly and monthly events, continues well into the future. Although this is a positive review, I can't say that everything during my time was perfect. For example, there were multiple instances where there was confusion around how to handle moving on from Common (if you end up deciding to do so). My genuine hope and sense is that the issues I had (e.g., the person I was communicating with did not have accurate information, or was unable to relay accurate information to me, or there was ambiguity in the lease or membership agreement) were due to a case of growing pains, because when I did escalate my issues to someone more senior, they were immediately and properly handled. Moreover, someone each time went out of his or her way to ensure those things were properly resolved. I really appreciated that and it meant a lot. If you are considering co-living arrangements, I'd highly encourage you to at least consider Common, depending on if it's a fit for you and Common. I think the founder and much of the team are big believers in the future of co-living, and my hope is they continue to focus on community, and as much as possible, flexibility with regard to housing and membership options for everyone living in Common. I've enjoyed my time being part of this community, and if my girlfriend and I end up together, a big part will be because Common brought us together."


"I moved to NY and straight into Common. I was set up and settled in within a few minutes of arriving. I've made great new friends both at my home and other Common homes in the neighborhood."

Gabriel Guzman

"I am very happy with my decision to live at a Common Property. It gave me an easy outlet to enjoy luxury living while meeting very cool people I wouldn't have necessarily met if I lived on my own. I like having people over and being social, and I could never do that because my historically places were always too small. I didn’t have the things that Common gave. It’s just so much better with Common."

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